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Effective, safe and low-risk profile

µCPC offers you these advantages


  • … improves the outflow of aqueous humor to rebalance the IOP
  • … is a non-destructive procedure with the aim of shrinking the ciliary muscle
  • … shows a success rate of up to 95 %, mean value ~ 80 %
  • … shows an IOP reduction of up to 45 %, mean value ~ 38 %
  • … offers you a treatment method with a low risk of inflammation compared to CPC
  • … is a safe and effective treatment with a very low side effect profile for lowering intraocular pressure
  • … is safe and effective without long-term side effects
  • … reduces the need for glaucoma medication by an average of 40%
  • … can be used at an earlier stage of glaucoma than conventional CPCs
  • … is repeatable, even up to 3 treatments are no problem for your patient